Dib: there is one thing that doesnt fear you. remember that kodiak incident a while back?


vinnysauces whispered:
Do you fear anything, or does everything fear you?

More like everything fears me.
The only thing I fear is the possibility of games being discontinued and, even worse, banished….!


Dib: isnt there a gameslave 360 coming out next month?

"GameSlave 360"? No. You meant "XBUG 360"…

ask-spoopy-luna whispered:
Hi Gaz! So any new gameslaves coming out?

…Not that I know of.

Anonymous whispered:
i bet u look gorgeous as adult

Great: an anonymous floating blob + shades is flirting with me.

Anonymous whispered:
Gaz, describe your perfect planet.

Perfect" planet? PFFFT… I’ll describe to you what would make this stupid planet “perfect”: Nobody existing on this dumb ball of dirt - Especially Dib…

Just me, myself & I - alone. Everything to myself.

Anonymous whispered:
Gaz why don't you talk to your brother and hang out for a change? maybe go out for ice cream. -Harley

Talk to him?
Hang out with him??
Go out for ice cream with him??!?

Yeah - I’ll pass.

Anonymous whispered:
hey Gaz have you ever met Tak? what do you think of her?

I did


…And I think her high-pitched voice makes me sick.

6/30/14 - Anniversary of RPing as Gaz

And 5 years at it…!
I’ve been through a lot RPing as Gaz, especially here on tumblr. I originally RP’d as her on Myspace since 06/30/09, before it all went to hell there late 2010. Then, I transferred over to mid-2011, but never really RP’d there: site totally lacked fellow IZ RPers, and staff kept deleting members and remaking roleplay sites. However, I still have my account.

Finally, Tumblr in January 2012; I was the 2nd Gaz RPer on Tumblr (still am).  I also made an alternative z-a-g-r blog later in the summer of 2012, where I can both RP as Gaz and Zim, because my inbox here was nothing but about ZAGR. I’ve I watched so many IZ RPers come to life little by little since then. Now, there’s so many I don’t know where to start with them all, they’re all so great and talented and different in their own ways!!

Lastly, and best of all; so many have complimented, inspired, adored and encouraged me since then to continuously roleplay and post artwork. They still do every now and then motivate me. I’m sorry I’m always on hiatus off and on, life hasn’t been working out too well for me in the past year. Today, as it being my 5th year RPing as Gaz, I will push myself to be more active and responsive even if my life keeps giving me obstacles.

I love Gaz, I love this fandom, and I love roleplaying.